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The British College strives to be a world-class college in Nepal offering British and international qualifications equipping our graduates with the knowledge, skills and values they need for success in the global job market and becoming creative entrepreneurs.

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MBA (Executive)

The MBA (Executive) programme offered by The British College (TBC) is a career development programme provided by Leeds Beckett University, UK. The programme is aimed at experienced business professionals with more than two years’ business experience.
You will be taught to develop and transform your leadership skills through strategic management.

MBA (Graduate)

The MBA programme offered by The British College in Kathmandu is a career-oriented programme from Leeds Beckett University, UK. The primary aim of the programme is to provide postgraduate level knowledge, understanding, and skills that prepare students for their career in business and management. In the programme, students will have opportunities to develop their management and leadership.

MSc Information And Technology

The MSc Information and Technology is a program rich in a specialization that provides a transformational experience to its students, integrating the technological and business aspects of modern IT. This course is designed to address the high demands of both the private and public sector by filling the current digital skills gap and providing students with the skill set required to succeed in the industry.

MSc International Business Management

MSc International Business Management is a programme provided by the University of the West of England, UK. This programme offers you the unique opportunity of gaining an internationally recognised Masters degree in Nepal from a distinguished British university. The MSc International Business Management is designed for those who have recently completed their undergraduate degree.



Where is the College located?
The Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Why does TBC offer 2 years Master and 4 years programmes in Nepal?
  •  To comply with the regulations set by the Ministry of Education.
  •  To ensure students have a much better chance of success than their UK counterparts, by providing them with extra time for their dissertation and also providing a pre-masters foundation designed to improve our student’s academic skills.


How does the Admission process work?
  • Students apply in person or online
  • Students receive a conditional offer and should deposit a minimum amount to safeguard their place on the course applied.
  • Students provide the evidence required in the conditional offer letter (normally original certificates) For example: Students need to provide their English Proficiency Test Certificate.
  • Student receives an unconditional offer and makes their final payment
When will the course start?
    For Undergraduate and Post graduate Programmes
  • January/February for winter intake (All Bachelors and MIBM)
  • August/September for autumn intake (All Bachelors and EMBA)

    For A Level
  • March/April

    For ACCA
  • June/July
  • January/February
Do students have to take an admissions exam? Are there placement exams for courses once a student is accepted?
Our students are required to sit an entrance test, and if they are lacking an appropriate English qualification, they must sit our mock IELTS test as well.
How will my application be evaluated?
We compare your qualifications against our requirements: consequently, before you apply, you should be in a position to know if you will be accepted or not. In unusual circumstances, applications will be sent to our partner university who will assess the application and decide the eligibility. Their decision is final.

Academic Services

Are study abroad opportunities available?
Yes, you can do part of your course at UWE, Leeds Beckett University and TBC Student Services team will assist you with the transfer.
What is student exchange Programme? When can a student participate in this Programme?
Yes, you can do part of your course at UWE and Leeds Beckett University. TBC Student Services team will assist you with the transfer. A student exchange program is where a student from one college/university will spend a semester or a year at another university but will then return to their original university. Students can participate in this throughout any of their degree course (i.e. not during their foundation year or pre-master’s program)
What work placement services are offered at TBC?
Work placements will be available to interested students and as such, we have signed multiple Memorandums of Understanding with key companies within Nepal.
Does the college provide transportation facilities?
Currently we only provide this service to A Level Students.
What is the average class size? What is the largest?
With the exception of special seminars, classes will be no larger than 48 students.
What are the timings of the programmes?
This will vary depending on your course and on your year but you can expect to be in Monday to Friday, either in the morning or afternoon. This will be fully detailed in your course handbook.
What resources are available at the Library?
Access to our reference section online Books/periodicals/journals from the UK, India and Nepal Photocopying and printing A librarian to assist you in sourcing information A quiet and comfortable environment to work in

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